co-Parenting Website – The happy co-Parent – interviews Juliet about mediation

The Happy Co-Parent is a fantastic new website, launched in January 2021, by family lawyers and mediators at Burgess Mee Family Law. It is aimed at separated parents who are striving to improve their co-parenting relationship and/or resolve conflicts in relation to their children, for the benefit of their children.

The website is a great resource for co-parents, offering information about current law, resolving disputes, common issues and finances. There are also top tips for co-parenting, a learning zone and a question and answer section with family mediator and therapist, Sheila Turner. The learning zone suggests some helpful tips and strategies to assist co-parents to challenge their own thinking, consider their aspirations and make small changes to move forward more positively.

As well as all this, there is also a really interesting “Meet the Experts” section, where informal and engaging interviews are conducted with experts in many different, relevant fields. So far, these include topics like; how to tell the children, relocation, new partners, dealing with substance abuse, co-parent co-dependency, working together to resolve disagreements, and mediation.

For the mediation segment they asked Juliet, from Able Mediation, to do a two part interview. The first part, which covers what mediation is, the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), the scope of mediation, and some other stuff, is now available to watch here.

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