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Who We Are

Able Mediation are experienced and committed Family Mediators.

We are fully accredited Family Mediators, with over 10 years of family mediation experience. We help clients of all genders and sexual orientations to resolve all possible issues surrounding separation, divorce, and family dissolution in an even handed manner.

Our mediators are members of the professional membership organisations which make up the Family Mediation Council

Our Mediators

Juliet Wilkinson


Mediator & Professional Practice Consultant

Juliet co-founded Able Mediation in 2013 after mediating for more than 5 years in a busy London practice, where she undertook both private and publicly funded work.

Juliet is recognised by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) as being fully competent to carry out all issues mediation and as a result is experienced in mediating in all areas of family dispute, including matters concerning children, financial arrangements and communication between all parties. In her capacity as a qualified Professional Practice Consultant (PPC), Juliet also supervises other mediators and their practices.

Background in a variety of areas is particularly informative to Juliet’s work as a family mediator. These include mediation in other fields, including neighbourhood disputes, hate crimes and restorative justice, work in public and private sector housing and time spent working abroad as an International Human Rights Accompanier and International Observer.

Juliet is a member of the Family Mediators Association.

Nasrin Grayson


Mediator & Professional Practice Consultant

Nasrin worked for over 10 years as a Family Mediator at the Institute of Family Therapy before co-founding Able Mediation. Nasrin mediates on all issues arising from separation and divorce and is experienced in dealing with difficult parenting disputes, high value financial disputes and cases in which one parent wishes to relocate abroad.

Nasrin is a Family Mediation Professional Practice Consultant, supports trainee mediators in their readiness to practice and their portfolio development. She is recognised by the Legal Services Commission as qualified to undertake publicly funded mediation and is a Family Consultant in Collaborative Practice.

A member of National Family Mediation and Resolution, Nasrin is qualified to consult directly with children and is trained to deliver the Separated Parents Information Programme which supports parents who are in court proceedings over their children.

Nasrin is a member of National Family Mediation and Resolution.

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