Family mediation week 2022: MOJ Voucher scheme

The Ministry of Justice has developed a mediation voucher scheme, whereby a contribution of up to £500 per case/family to the mediation costs of a child arrangements case will be offered, encouraging people to seek to resolve their disputes outside of court where appropriate to do so.

The purpose of the scheme is to promote the benefits of mediation and divert matters where appropriate away from the family courts. The scheme will offer mediation participants a financial contribution of up to £500 per family towards the total costs of their mediation. This payment will be made directly to mediation providers by the FMC which is administering the scheme on behalf of the MOJ.

The MOJ has invested further funds in to the voucher scheme and, at current rates of allocation, it is expected that vouchers will be issued until the end of March 2022. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or if you require mediation services.

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