Family Mediation Week 2019 – Day 2

“Shelter from the Storm”

Tuesday saw another informative article from Philippa Johnston, this time about mediation and how it works: Day 2 Shelter from the storm which talks about mediation and makes the point that anyone can call themselves a family mediator but…

“…you need someone who has been properly trained, with recognised qualifications, with proper supervision. The Family Mediation Council (FMC) has a list of qualified family mediators… you can search by location, so that you can find someone close to you and you can also look for people offering particular services, for example, mediators able to work with your children as well as with you, or family mediators who provide mediation funded by legal aid.”

At Able Mediation, all of our mediators are Accredited by the FMC and we offer a full compliment of services, including working with children (free of charge) and the provision of Legal Aid.

There is a strong emphasis again on children with Bill Hewlett’s second video talking about how mediation can give children an opportunity to really get their voices heard by their parents during a time when there is so much competing noise:

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