Family Mediation Week 2019 – Day 4

The clouds are parting

Today’s theme brings us further into the journey of divorce / separation, where clients feel themselves held safely in a structured process and can start to see a clear pathway.

When people separate there are often issues to resolve in relation to both finances and children.  Today’s articles reflect both areas.

On children, Bill Hewlett’s day 4 contribution reassures children who are considering talking to a mediator about confidentiality and how information is shared with parents:

Based on her experiences of working with families, Leigh Moriarty of the Conflict Clinic contributes a fantastic and well referenced article about the impact of parent conflict on children.  She also talks about how using their Handover Book can help parents to communicate more constructively, in the interests of their children.  You can find out more about and/or order The Handover Book here.

Philippa Johnston, FMA Chair, contributes a comprehensive article giving an overview of the mediation process in relation to both financial and children matters.  She makes the point that for financial issues both parties are required to share information about all their assets, debt and income.  In fact the requirements for financial disclosure are almost identical whether you choose to resolve your issues through mediation, solicitors or the court. The legal premise for this is based along the lines that you can’t decide what to do with what is in the ‘pot’ unless you know what is in the ‘pot!’

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