Mediation Works

Day 5 of Family Mediation Week features blog posts and a video on the theme “Mediation Works.”

The Family Mediator’s Association offers a whiteboard video called “Mediation Works.” It’s a short film explaining the process of family mediation and how it can help couples and families separate more smoothly.

In addition, there are two more blog posts. The first from Hugh England, Chair of the Family Mediation Council. Hugh’s post about the invaluable work done by family mediators and the positive effects this can have on separating couples is an important and powerful read, and can be read here.

Also writing on the subject is the widely respected academic, Jan Walker, Emeritus Professor of Family Policy and Strategic Research Adviser at Newcastle University’s Institute of Health and Society, whose research into mediation has revealed overwhelmingly positive results, time and time again. Jan’s blog can be read here.

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