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The Accredited Family Mediation Specialists

We help clients resolve all possible issues surrounding separation, divorce, and family dissolution.

Our Services

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Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is the first meeting between the family mediator and the separating couple.

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Family Mediation Sessions help you and your former partner to arrive at mutual decisions on topics including but not limited to property, finance, and childcare.



Court Forms required if either party decides not to go ahead with mediation, or if mediation breaks down. Download court forms for free from here.

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Child Inclusive Mediation allows children’s views to be heard, and more suitable child-focused arrangements to be made.

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With COVID-19 affecting the mediation process, we are running online mediation sessions through Zoom or on the telephone.

Family Mediation Voucher Scheme

Does your dispute involve a child?

The family mediation voucher scheme is a temporary program that helps people who are dealing with family law disputes to find solutions without going to court.

You could be eligible for £500 towards the costs of mediation.

About Us

We are accredited, experienced, and committed family mediators.

We are fully accredited Family Mediators, with over 10 years of family mediation experience. We help clients of all genders and sexual orientations to resolve all possible issues surrounding separation, divorce, and family dissolution in an even handed manner.

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